An Access Chip is a microchip implant that is placed between the thumb and index finger for all Snowpiercer's passengers. Those in the Tail do not have access chips. The Access Chip utilizes RFID technology.

Access Chips allow Train employees (and residents) to move throughout the train and its carriages without the need for a physical key.

Description[edit | edit source]

The chips are used by all Train employees to access the doors and other features. It is embedded into their hand in between the thumb and index finger. The chip was sold in the black market by a brakeman, John Osweiller. This chip was stolen from the hand of Sean Wise that was killed by the train's serial Killer. The chip is then kept in a small capsule to be used by Osweiller to open a door.[1]

Andre Layton is able to exchange his wedding ring — given back to him by Zarah Ferami — for an access chip from Terence. He gifts this access chip to Josie Wellstead via kissing, in a bid to allow her to plan the next steps of the revolution.[1]

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Season One

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