Access Is Power is the third episode of the first season of Snowpiercer. It is the third episode of the series overall.

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Layton descends into Snowpiercer's black market with Till, searching for both the killer and a valuable commodity for his revolution. Melanie stages a prize fight to distract the passengers from mounting class tension.

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Following the selection of apprentices previously, the children selected are given their medical examinations. Meanwhile, Klimt narrates and reveals that trading is popular on Snowpiercer, with everyone attempting to trade their way to First.

Meanwhile, Layton dreams about the night Zarah left the Tail to work in the Nightcar, and the abuse she got from the Tailies for this. His dream ends abruptly, however, when he is pulled from his bed by the guards.

Melanie gives an announcement from Mr. Wilford to the crew of Snowpiercer. In the announcement, Wilford thanks the crew, and asks that they remain vigilant and unshaken by the current events. The Commander remarks that the speech is eerily similar to a speech given by Winston Churchill, and that Wilford should further be informed that there are uprisings throughout the train. Melanie suggests that they move up the prizefight, with the winner getting a full upgrade from second to first.

Layton being questioned by Roche and Melanie.

When the bag is removed from Layton’s head, he finds himself in a room with Roche and Melanie. Melanie warns him that he is on thin ice with Mr. Wilford, and that they know Layton tried to communicate with the Tail. Layton asks if he is allowed to know what Sean was informing on, and Roche remarks that Sean was attempting to find the distributor of Kronole — a new drug in third. Layton remarks that Kronole isn’t new, and has been in the Tail for two revolutions; he reveals that Oz trades Kronole for oral sex in the Tail.

Jinju finds Till waiting by her door, and the two enter her room and begin making out. Afterwards, Till remarks that it must be nice in Second, and Till acknowledges that her aspiration is to make it to Second. Shortly after, the two talk about Nikki, but Jinju warns Till not to mess with Melanie.

Layton and Roche question Oz about the Kronole.

Roche and Layton question Oz, but he is reluctant to reveal any details about his supplier, simply remarking that the batch he sold was confiscated; he further pleads that he didn’t know Sean Wise, nor does he have a supplier. Shortly after, however, he visits Terence, who questions why Roche is digging around. Oz warns Terence not to underestimate Layton, however he remarks that he’s going to give Layton “a warm welcome”.

Roche tries to question Zarah, but Layton tries to convince Roche that she had nothing to do with Sean’s death. During the questioning, Zarah remarks that she doesn’t know anything, but that she must get ready for fight night. Back in his cell, Layton asks Roche about his personal life, with Roche remarking that he’s married with three kids, but two did not make it past the extinction event; Layton believes he can relate to this. The two are interrupted by Till who tells them that Nikki is awake.

Melanie asks Bennett how the repairs are coming along, citing that they cannot keep sending heat down there given the power banks are at an all time low. Bennett remarks that the only immediate solution would be to move the Tailies to Third and uncouple the Tail; Melanie refuses, however, citing this is a bad idea. Melanie receives a call from Jinju, who tells her that Till is on her way to see Nikki.

It becomes clear that Nikki is suffering from Kronole withdrawal.

In medical, Till and Layton try to talk with Nikki, who tells Layton that being in the drawers is not like sleep — much as everyone would have them think. Till questions if the suspension drug is a version of Kronole, given Nikki’s symptoms resonate with Kronole withdrawal. Layton suggests that Kronole is a street version of the suspension drug, but Melanie remarks that the drugs are tightly controlled, but Klimt remarks that it could be possible. Klimt is questioned by Till and Layton whilst Melanie watches. Klimt reveals that he sells the drugs to couriers in return for supplies for the sleepers. He insists that he had no idea that they were making Kronole from the drug. Layton becomes increasingly angry, however, when he becomes sidetracked and notices Miles’ hair in a bag. He demands to know what has been done to Miles, and Melanie reveals that Miles is an apprentice, and is fine. Layton demands to see Miles, and the two talk, with Miles remarking that he is happy as an apprentice.

The Tailies become increasingly distressed when they realise that they’re behind schedule, a sign that they’re losing power. Josie tries to calm everyone, citing that Wilford hasn’t uncoupled them yet.

Layton begs Melanie to allow him to see Josie, given that she is worried sick about Miles. Melanie refuses, however, citing that Till can send her a message the next time she is down there. Given it is fight night, however, it would be too late to get to the Tail anyway. Layton realises that Fight Night will be the perfect place to find the janitor selling Kronole, and Melanie tells Till to watch Layton’s back.

Melanie listens as she plays the Wilford announcement.

At Fight Night, Till points out the first class booth, and one of the fighters who also works as a janitor — Till suggests that they keep an eye on him. Meanwhile, Melanie gives an announcement welcoming everyone and announcing the prize: an upgrade to first. Melanie remarks that Mr. Wilford is going to give an announcement, and she begins to play a doctored tape across the announcement system, which fuels faith in Wilford Industries.

The fight begins and Layton notices that Zarah is working behind the bar and he would like to speak to her. Till tries to follow him, but Layton insists that Zarah will not tell him anything if Till is with him; she accepts, allowing him to go alone. Arriving at the bar, Zarah invites him to the room behind, and points out Terence, citing that he was Sean Wise’s Kronole connection. Zarah agrees to set up a meeting, but cites that there will be a price. For this, Zarah hands back Layton’s wedding ring as an object he can trade for information. The two briefly talk about Layton staying with Zarah in the Nightcar — with the two announcing that they both still love eachother — but Layton reaffirms that the Tail still needs him.

Layton talks with Oz, disappointed that Oz arrived instead of Terence. Despite Layton’s perseverance that he must talk with Terence, Oz warns Layton that there will be consequences. Nevertheless, Layton returns the warning, citing that he could make up dirt about Oz to Roche — this is enough to convince Oz to comply.

Meanwhile, Nikki wakes and begins exploring the train. She finds her way to Fight Night, and encounters Till, who questions what she is doing. Nikki exclaims that she needs Kronole — clearly in withdrawal — but is quickly noticed by LJ and the people from First. Fights begin between everyone watching the fight, causing the Brakemans to interrupt.

Layton is led from the fight where he is given an audience with Terence. Layton questions if Terence ever sold to Sean Wise, and Terence exclaims that he didn’t kill Sean, despite having sold to him. The two talk further and Terence reveals that the night Sean was killed, he tried to buy Kronole from him with a guy from First: early thirties, buzz cut, well maintained appearance. Layton holds up his ring and asks if he can bargain for one more small thing.

As Fight Night finishes up, Melanie thanks Ruth for her service before she is approached by Layton and Roche. Layton remarks that he won’t share the information until he is allowed to see Josie in the Tail. Melanie agrees, and Josie is pulled to the front of the Tail.

Layton and Josie talk for the first time since Layton became detective.

The meeting between Josie and Layton is surreal, and Josie remarks that she thought he was dead. Layton reassures Josie that Miles is okay, and is eating well, much to their surprise. The two kiss, but Melanie pulls Layton away, causing him to announce that “it is only doors between us” — a clear indication that security between the tail and the other classes is weak. It is later revealed that during the kiss, Layton had exchanged a small pill containing an access chip with Josie.

The guard outside of Nikki’s room is attacked by Eric, who asks if she remembers him. She doesn’t, but she is aware of who he is.

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You'd think loneliness would be impossible all crammed in here, but this train was designed to separate us from our possessions, from our loved ones. Now every last shred of us is worth something to someone. Everything's rare, so you gotta pay with something personal. And we're all trading up for the most valuable thing there is... Access. Access all the way to First, where they hold the table for sport, then trade it right back down. People avoid me because I care for the Sleepers, but that's my value, how I open doors and live in Second. I can trade for things, while the weakest can only trade their carbon for compost. So we keep pushing, pushing uptrain, pushing for access to feel more alive. Access is freedom. Access is power. We kill for that on Snowpiercer, 1,001 cars long.
— Klimpt
Well, look at you, detective. Already working on the case.
— Roche to Layton
God, I wish I were welding.
— Melanie to Bennett
I'm keeping my eyes open.
— Miles to Layton
Good evening, passengers. As you well know, I'm not one for speeches, but we've been through a bumpy patch. So I want to say this to you. If the track has taught me anything, it's that even the steepest climbs give way to descent. I'll keep doing what I do best. I will keep our Engine Eternal. And you keep doing what you do best... Survive, survive, survive.
— Mr. Wilford speech
Ruth: "There he is. The Train Detective."
Lilah: "I hope that's his undercover look."
―  Ruth showing Lilah Layton

You know what I was in the Old Time before I was a Janitor? - A janitor. I cleaned a high-rise building. I get on this train, and you know what I see? The train is just a high rise laying on its side. I know how this thing runs. And my building just became the whole goddamn world.
— Terrence to Layton
Terrence: "I saw Sean the night he was killed. He came down to score "K" with another guy, no one I'd seen before."
Layton: "Can you describe him?"
Terrence: "Not from these corridors, no. First Class, maybe. Early 30s, um, buzz cut, takes care of himself."
―  Terrence describing the guy Sean was with

You don't remember me, do you, Nikki? But you do know who I am.
— Eric to Nikki

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It is revealed that Kronole is a street-drug synthesised from medical's suspension drug.
  • This episode was watched by 1.224 million people.
    • 340,000 were in the 18-49 demographic.

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  • None

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