Don't you ever feel like you're being kept in the dark?
— Bess in Trouble Comes Sideways

Bess Francis[1] Till is a main character in TNT's Snowpiercer. She is portrayed by Mickey Sumner.

She is a thoughtful, empathetic, and savvy brakeman who is part of the train's security force. She finds herself at the center of a mystery that rocks the train’s uneasy status quo. She later becomes a member of Andre Layton's revolution.

History[edit | edit source]

Background[edit | edit source]

Till used to be a police officer at the Detroit Police Department before the tragedy.[2]

Throughout the Series[edit | edit source]

Intimidation of Layton[edit | edit source]

Till is comfortable in her position as a member of the security force aboard Snowpiercer. Her attitude towards those of the Tail shines through, however, when she and John Osweiller escort Andre Layton back to the Tail following his rejection of their job proposal. Till and Osweiller beat Layton for not cooperating, remarking that he doesn't have a choice. They attempt to intimidate him into cooperation, but are stopped when Roche and Melanie Cavill find out what they're doing. Till is sent to work at the Tail as punishment.[2]

Later, she learns to work with Layton in the investigation and the two begin making fast ground. They discover Sean Wise's missing legs in the refrigerator in AgSec. They further realise that the murderer possibly killed Sean Wise for fun, as indicated by the method of killing.[3]

After Oz is punished and suspended for trading Kronole for oral sex in the Tail, Till's opinion of him changes drastically, and she begins viewing him in a harser light. When he is brought back following the murder of Nikki Genêt, she is horrified that he has gotten away with the act unscathed, and furthers to complain with Roche; nothing is done, however, with Roche remarking that they need the extra staff.[4] When Melanie relays the information that the killer could be Erik, she and Oz work together to track him down. She is startled when it becomes clear that he has taken Jinju, Till's lover, hostage.

Relationship with Jinju[edit | edit source]

Bess enjoys a romantic — yet private — relationship with Jinju Seong, with Bess sleeping in her quarters regularly in Second. After their relationship becomes serious, and following the threat on Jinju's life by Erik, the two commit to one another and Jinju sponsors Bess' upgrade from Third to Second. This signifies trust between the two as Jinju takes responsibility for Bess' actions during her probationary period.

Following this, Bess attends the tribunal to decide LJ Folger's fate and watches from the audience as Jinju takes the stand and recounts the events leading up to her kidnapping.[5]

Till's relationship with Jinju later comes to an abrupt end when they find themselves on two different ends of the revolution. Both are angry with one another for keeping secrets, and the breakup is mutual as the two depart with one last kiss.[6]

Troubles with Oz[edit | edit source]

Following knocking Oz out previously to save Josie and Layton[5], Bess begins experiencing problems with Oz. He takes advantage of the knowledge he holds over her and uses it to blackmail both her and, to an extent, Jinju. Oz tells Bess that she will do what he says or he will reveal what she did which could cost her an arm. She abides by his threat for hours, but eventually, when the announcement that the train could derail is made, the two hold hands and Bess tells Oz that she is done following his instructions. Oz tells her that he wont tell, but Melanie and the management will find out eventually.[7]

Helping the Tail[edit | edit source]

Following from her aiding Josie with saving Layton from the Tail, Bess worries that she will be found out as an accomplice when Melanie yanks Josie Wellstead from the Tail. Bess is horrified when she sees that Melanie has frozen her fingers and tries to console Josie, who is quite aware that her life is limited by the knowledge she holds. Josie tells Bess that she is a member of the revolution now, and Bess has trouble (or reluctance) to accept this, citing that she still has a duty to the train.

Bess does promise to get a message to Layton, however, and helps Josie one last time. Although not revealed at the time, it is later revealed that Bess helped Josie freeze her hand in an effort to escape the cuffs placed upon her by Melanie. Unfortunately, her actions are not enough to save Josie, as she breaks the bad news to Layton.[8]

Fully committed to the revolution, Till participates in planning meetings with Layton and his trusted lieutenants and is shocked and horrified to learn that Jinju knew the truth all along and covered it up. Till orders, her girlfriend to stay in inside and as the revolution begins, helps Layton return to the Tail. Layton identifies Till as one of them to the hesitant Tailies and she watches Layton's inspiring speech. Till and Layton convince Roche to let them pass unharmed and she joins the Tailies in battling Commander Grey and the jackboots in the Nightcar, killing several jackboots before both sides are forced to retreat. In the aftermath of the battle, she helps to tend to the wounded.[9]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Bess is primarily tough and no-nonsense but is also caring. She originally thought that Layton was a piece of scum before becoming his ally and joining the revolution.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Jinju Seong[edit | edit source]

She is in a close, complex romantic relationship with Jinju Seong.[10] They meet in secret often, however, given Till is a Breakman and from Third, whilst Jinju is a member of second and, to some extent, Snowpiercer's management. Their relationship seems strained by the fact that Jinju wishes to keep them a secret, whilst Till wishes to out their relationship; despite this, the two sleep together often, and Jinju often lets train secrets slip, such as the fact that Nikki Genêt was awake.

Jinju sponsors Till's advancement towards Second Class, despite Till's open admission that she is not certain that she can handle the consequences.[1] In 994 Cars Long, it is implied that they break up when they argue in an Ag-Sec car.

Andre Layton[edit | edit source]

Till and Layton start with a distant, slightly defiant relationship, but they quickly earn each others' trust and perhaps admiration. Part of the reason may be some remorse from Till for siding with Oz when he physically assaulted Layton. By the time that Layton is ready to solve the murder cases, he is actively asking for Till's help.

John "Oz" Osweiller[edit | edit source]

Till initially went along with Oz's forceful attitude, but after a reprimand from Roche and the opportunity to bond better with Layton she quickly revised her own attitude. Learning that Oz had been dealing Kronole harmed her disposition towards him for good.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Season One

Memorable Quotes[edit | edit source]

Bess: "You're a dick! You know that? I'm not gonna stand by while you abuse people."
Osweiller: "We're about to die, Till."
Bess: "Fine. Then these are my last words. I won't let you extort me and you're a dick."
Osweiller: "I don't get you. So righteous on the small stuff, but pretty darn flexible, when it comes to high crimes."
Bess: "Layton shouldn't have been in the drawers!"
Osweiller: "Yeah, and you shouldn't have locked me out!"
Bess: "Something's going on! Don't you ever feel like you're being kept in the dark? Osweiller. Who are you thinking about right now?"
Osweiller: "No one. Just me. Bugger off."
Osweiller: "I was thinkin' about my mum at the end, if you must know."
―  Bess and Osweiller in Trouble Comes Sideways

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • She is originally from Detroit, Michigan.[2]
  • Bess and Jinju first met about three months before the series started.[1]
  • She is the only known Thirdie to have upgraded to Second at this time.
  • She is a member of the LGBTQIA community.

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