Curtis Everett is a member of the lower-class tail section passengers as they lead a revolution against the elite of the front of the train, and the main protagonist of Snowpiercer (film). He is portrayed by Chris Evans.

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He is a tail passenger who has long resented Wilford's corrupt leadership and is determined to lead a violent revolt to help tail passengers make their way to the front of the train and overthrow Wilford. Late in the film, we learn he nearly ate his second in command and friend, Edgar, when Edgar was a baby, and that he feels a great deal of guilt about this. His mentor, Gilliam, tells him time and time again that he would make a great leader, but Curtis does not himself believe this. When he meets Wilford at the end, Wilford reveals that Gilliam and he were co-conspirators and offers Curtis the opportunity to become the new conductor of the train. Intent on doing what is right, Curtis declines and chooses to blow a hole in the train and put a stop to the corrupt society onboard. Curtis is heroic, serious, and self-sacrificing, and must engage in some horrible violence in order to do what is best for his fellow tail passengers, however, these actions lead to the death of possibly every remaining human on earth.

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