First, the Weather Changed is the first episode of the first season of Snowpiercer. It is the first episode of the series overall.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Snowpiercer, the Great Ark Train, has kept the last remnants of humanity alive for almost seven years. A rigid class system maintains order, with First Class holding power over workers, while a condemned Prison Class struggles to survive in the Tail. Now, a grisly murder is stoking class division, so Melanie Cavill, the powerful head of hospitality, deputizes a dangerous rebel to help solve the killing — Andre Layton, the world’s only surviving homicide detective.

Plot[edit | edit source]



A voiceover is heard illustrating the events leading up to the extinction event on Earth. First, the weather began to change, followed by war, which accelerated the warming. Scientists attempted to reverse the warming, but failed, causing the Earth to freeze. The narrator further explains that Mr Wilford foresaw the events and built a train, 1001 trailers long, which houses the remains of civilisation — this train would become known as Snowpiercer. Snowpiercer was only for the rich, however, leading to the poorer people (believing themselves not to be responsible for the Freeze) invading the train.

With the poor invading the train, a fight ensues with the guards attempting to throw out those invading the train; they are largely unsuccessful, however, and the narrator explains that the train simply drives around the world, unable (or unwilling to stop).

Head of Hospitality and Voice of the Train Melanie Cavill makes an announcement to all of those aboard the train citing that Wilford Industries wishes everyone a good day; she explains that the temperature outside is -119.6 degrees. It is revealed that Snowpiercer has been circulating the Earth for 6 years, 9 months, and 26 days. The poorer people at the tail of the train are told to move back as the food is brought into the carriage by Brakemen and Jackboots on duty. However, the people begin to riot after their rations are halved, remarking that they can’t live like that; the employees remark that it isn’t their problem. Andre Layton talks with a little boy, Miles, encouraging him to continue studying in hopes of getting an apprenticeship in engineering.

Layton is called away by other prominent members of the Tailies. They’re planning to escape their carriage but need to access the electrical boxes four carriages away. Layton remarks that they don’t know enough about the infrastructure of the train, given that nobody has been further up train than the Sanitation cars. Josie Wellstead remarks that they don’t have a choice, however, given that their rations have been halved and they’re sterilising their women; she believes that the people in charge aboard are trying to starve them to extinction — a child hasn’t been born in the tail for five years. Pike challenges Layton, telling him that he doesn’t believe that he is with them, causing Layton to push back. Nevertheless, they all pledge “One Tail”, and accept that the plan must go ahead as planned if they wish to survive. The passengers are seen sharpening their weapons, whilst Layton tells Josie that he doesn’t want her to be on the front line when the plan begins the following day.

Nearer to the front of the train, Melanie wishes the First Class passengers a good morning over their breakfast. She talks with a man and a woman, the Folgers, who complain about some European passengers using the sauna in a body-shaming (i.e. most likely nude) and noisy way (singing Scandinavian sauna songs). Melanie promises that they will attempt to amend the schedule at the next First Class committee meeting to alleviate their concerns. Passengers become concerned after hearing rumours of uproar on the latter end of the train, but Melanie assures them that everything is fine; she sends Concierge Ruth Wardell to check, despite her pleads to avoid the Tail.

Layton and the Tailies stand in waiting as guards approach. Pike announces that someone from Hospitality is coming to their car, and everyone begins questioning what they want. Nevertheless, Layton remarks that the plan should still go ahead, with everyone awaiting the signal from him. Ruth enters and begins giving a direct address, citing that they have a removal request for Layton. Layton stands, and a fight ensues as he is taken from the tail of the train; he does not give the signal to enact the plan, however.

Layton talks with Roche about the murder.

Layton is given a medical evaluation and has photographs taken before being given a gown that reads “Sanitation”. Layton questions what he is wanted for, but is told to be quiet and keep walking. He is led through a series of carriages to the Third Class Mess Hall, where he is able to catch a glimpse of the frozen, outside world. He is given a meal consisting of tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich and begins to tear up after living on rations for nearly seven years. Layton talks Lead Brakeman who Roche reveals that there has been a murder aboard the train and, given he was a homicide detective prior to the extinction event, they need his expert skills. Layton is shown the body, but refuses to help, asking to be taken back to the Tail. Brakewoman Bess Till questions why he would want to return to the Tail — given this is his chance to show his worth — and Layton tells her that he doesn’t want to be viewed as a traitor.

On their way back to the Tail, Brakeman John Osweiller begins beating Layton given his refusal to help. Roche enters and questions what is going on, and Tail remarks that they were trying to make him cooperate. Melanie enters and apologizes for the violence, once again asking Layton for his help. Roche tells Layton that there was a similar murder a year ago, and someone is currently serving time. Layton tells Melanie that he will cooperate for rations and third-class immigration for those in the Tail. Melanie orders that Layton’s handcuffs be removed, but reiterates that he is the only detective on the train.

Meanwhile, back in the Tail, Miles is saddened by the fact Layton has been taken. Miles believes that Layton will not return, however is assured that Layton will return.

Nikki in a medically-induced coma.

Layton is taken to the medical carriage, where he is shown Nikki Genet, the suspect sentenced for murder. Melanie tells Layton if he can catch the killer — and clear Nikki’s name — he will be made train detective and moved to third class. Layton is taken to the suspects by Roche. He encounters Zarah, his ex-wife, asking why she told them he was an officer. Zarah remarks that someone she loves was murdered and doesn’t want to be falsely accused. The two argue about how they ended up on the train, with Zarah angry that she agreed to join him in his endeavour to get aboard Snowpiercer.

Pike approaches Josie with the idea that Layton knew he would be taken by hospitality. She denies the idea, however, citing that they saw him struggle. Nevertheless, Pike tells Josie that she finds somewhere else in the Tail to live, and she begrudgingly accepts.

Layton in the agricultural carriage with Roche.

Layton is taken to an Agriculture Section Greenhouse carriage, where he is privy to a class being taught about the growth of fruit and vegetables. The teacher Miss Gillies remarks that they must learn how fruit are grown for when the time comes wherein they can plant on the Earth again. Layton again reiterates that he will not help unless the management agrees to his demands. Melanie refuses, however, citing that he needs the food more than Wilford needs him.

Back in the Tail, Ivan asks for an hour alone given it is his birthday. The Tailies agree and allow him one hour alone with the cell phone to listen to music. He takes advantage of this for a short time but is found dead shortly after, having hanged himself with the charging cable from the phone.

Melanie talks with Jinju Seong, questioning how the harvest is. She remarks that it is good. Melanie reveals that she is bringing Nikki out of stasis, given they incarcerated the wrong person. Despite Jinju’s reserved reaction, Jinju cites that they can hopefully catch the real killer.

The riot begins with the news of Ivan's death passed to security.

The Tail is in an uproar following Ivan’s death, with Pike leading. The Tailies firmly believe that they should stick to their plan, now more than ever. Pike formulates a plan in order to get the Tail door open. Despite one of the guards suggesting they should leave the body for the following watch, the other remarks that it is the protocol to remove the body. Whilst Melanie makes an announcement about deteriorating track conditions, the Tailies put in motion their plan and attack the guards. More guards arrive and a large-scale brawl ensures.

Meanwhile, Layton questions if Roche is taking him back to the tail, however, he cites that he is not, as he must get home to his wife; instead, he is taking him to his lock-up. Words of the revolt make their way to Melanie, however, she takes him to the Tail where he talks with the Tailies. Layton isn’t well-received by the Tailies, who cite him as a traitor and hold weapons against him. Layton tells Pike that the guards will storm the Tail and kill them all if they do not surrender — this causes the Tailies (and Pike) to surrender. Layton suggests that they allow the guards to put them to sleep and allow him time to piece together an escape plan. Layton agrees to solve the murder if Wilford does not kill anyone. Melanie agrees but warns that Layton's position is precarious.

At the end of the day, Melanie returns to her cabin and dresses more casually before entering Snowpiercer's control room where she briefly chats with the driver before taking control of the train herself. The driver addresses Melanie as Mr. Wilford, revealing that she is in fact the train's creator.

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Co-Starring[edit | edit source]

  • Donia Kash as Girl
  • Jaymee Mak as Asian Woman
  • Phillip Mitchell as Young Father
  • Emma Oliver as Winnie
  • Sam Quinn as Lee
  • Ian Rozylo as Jackboot Trotter
  • Michel Issa Rubio as Santiago
  • Alec Davin Santos as Tino
  • Krystle Dos Santos as Jackboot Alvarez
  • Elizabeth Thai as June
  • Natalie von Rotsburg as Mrs. Wing
  • Fiona Vroom as Miss Gillies
  • Barbara Wallace as Old Woman Survivor
  • Milli Wilkinson as Mikala
  • Carolyn Qilan Yu as Mia

Quotes[edit | edit source]

First, the weather changed. The deniers knew why, but still they doomed us with their lies. War made the Earth even hotter. Her ice melted, and all her species crashed. So, the men of Science tried to cool the Earth, to reverse the damage they had sown. But instead, they froze her to the core. Only the visionary Mr. Wilford foresaw the future, and he prepared a Great Ark train. In the final days of The Freeze, the rich, many of them responsible, retreated to Snowpiercer, 1,001 cars long. So we the people, the survivors left behind... we invaded their train. This is Snowpiercer. Around and around the Earth we circle. We can never stop. These are our revolutions, 1,001 cars long.
— Layton
Attention all passengers... Wilford Industries wishes you good morning.
— Melanie
You're a good man, Miles. Never forget who you are.
— Layton to Miles
I will never be too old to remember the day they pulled me uptrain to tune a piano. It played beautifully except for one dead key... middle C. I guess no one remembered to bring some...
— Old Ivan
They're starving us to extinction. They're sterilizing our women. There hasn't been a child born in the Tail in five years!
— Josie
I say we fight! I want to be a Dad! Guys, I'm the Last Australian.
— The Last Australian
You all remember the Year Three Rebellion? We fought like an army, but we were blind at every door. We had no help from the other side. 62 dead. 13 arms taken in punishment. We need help. We need alliances.
— Layton
The Scandinavian Royals take great pleasure in defying the rules. And they sing sauna songs. I sauna to relax.
— Lilian Folger
Good morning. Mr. Wilford and all of us here at Wilford Industries bid you good morning. As I just said, before...
— Ruth
I guess Mr. Wilford didn't think rich people would murder each other.
— Layton
What about his, uh... his dick?
— John Osweiller
You Tailies boarded the train like rats!
— Lead Brakeman Roche
You want justice, Detective, clear her. And if you catch the killer, we'll make you Train Detective and move you to Third Class.
— Melanie
You said don't give up. You could get us onto Snowpiercer. Like somehow your cop connects were gonna get us seats with the billionaires. How stupid was I? I could have gone with my mom. We could've joined your brother, died together, like people we admired were doing. But instead, you made me live. For what? For the hell of the Tail?
— Zarah
Everything on Mr. Wilford's train is connected.
— Melanie
If you want to keep eating your damn strawberries, you know my demands... Third Class calories, space, and reproductive rights for the Tail.
— Layton to Melanie
Everything here survives at the mercy of His balance. And the truth is... You need Wilford's strawberries more than he needs you.
— Melanie to Layton
You're going to my lockup. I'm going home to my wife.
— Roche to Layton
Pike... whatever happened between us, we're brothers.
— Layton to Pike
I'll do it. I'll solve your murder. I will get Mr. Wilford his order back. And you can have mercy on the Tail.
— Layton to Melanie
Bennett: "It's gonna be bumpy tomorrow."
Melanie: "Yeah. I hate this stretch of track. Thanks, Ben."
Bennett: "You have the train... Mr. Wilford."
Melanie: "I have the train."
―  Ben revealing Melanie is Mr. Wilford

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The title is a line by Andre Layton in which he explains how the mass-freezing of Earth occured.
  • The show debuted to 3.3 million total viewers across TNT and TBS.[1]
    • Among them 607,000 tuned in to the 9 p.m. telecast who were in the key 18-49 demographic.[1]

Body Count[edit | edit source]

  • Most of the world's population (The Freeze)
  • Several people (shot trying to board Snowpiercer)
  • Several Tailies (thrown from Snowpiercer by Jackboots on boarding)
  • Unnamed Third Class passenger (tortured to death and castrated a year before by Erik Sotto and LJ Folger; mentioned)
  • Sean Wise (tortured to death and castrated by Erik Sotto and LJ Folger)
  • Old Ivan (suicide by hanging)
  • At least 13 Jackboots (killed in the failed Tail revolution)
  • Several Tailies (killed in the failed Tail revolution)

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