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Icy Bob is a recurring character on TNT's Snowpiercer. He is portrayed by Andre Tricoteux.



Icy Bob is a (2.1 m) augmented human male aboard the Big Alice who acts as Joseph Wilford’s personal bodyguard. His augmentation allows him to withstand freezing temperatures which would instantly freeze a normal human.

Throughout The Series[]

Season 2[]

Icy Bob is first introduced in Season 2 during the Rebel Army's storming of Big Alice. He pushes back single-handedly, injuring numerous Tailees bare-handed, before eventually cutting them off from the second train by venting cold air from the outside into a car. He is able to survive the cold due to his synthetic skin grafts.

He is seen several times throughout the 2nd season receiving more surgery and testing in the cold-lock from the Doctors. He shows kindness to Josie by teaching her how to deal with a panic attack while they're both in the infirmary. He later asks for Josie's anesthetic pills after she didn't take them during a surgery.

He is last seen returning from his sabotage of Snowpiercer's engine walking atop the train without an EVA suit, only to collapse once he is indoors. As he lies apparently dying, Wilford places a pin in his hand.



Season Two

Memorable Quotes[]

You're having a panic attack. Relax. Name five red things in the room. [...] Name five red things in the room, quick. [...] Keep going. [...] The trick is to externalize the pain. Don't internalize it, or it'll paralyze you.
— Bob helps Josie through a panic attack
Josi: "What's Wilford planning for tonight? The Headwoods don't look pleased."
Bob: "Don't. They are not people you wanna cross."
―  Bob warns Josie about the Headwoods


  • Despite his fierceness, he appears to have a softer side as seen with his helping Josie through a panic attack in Keep Hope Alive and his warning against trusting the Headwoods. Also, despite being loyal to Wilford, he doesn’t turn Josie in when he finds out that she is sending messages to Layton, which means he may be afraid of Wilford like Sykes.