Javier "Javi" De La Torre is a main character on TNT's Snowpiercer. He is portrayed by Roberto Urbina.

He is a member of the Breach Team, the train's equivalent of a fireman, who is also part of a polyamorous relationship that's reeling from a personal tragedy.[1] During the revolution, Javi initially sides with the Folgers and Commander Grey, but later helps Melanie to escape execution, allowing her to help Andre Layton and the Tail win.

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Advising Melanie[edit | edit source]

Javier is a member of the elite train management and often helps with the driving of the train. He uses advanced algorithms to predict the environment surrounding Snowpiercer at all times. From these predictions, he advised Melanie Cavill that without cutting Snowpiercer's power by 12%, they would not make it through the mountain unscathed. Melanie ignored Javier, and the hull in AgSec was breached causing mass-freezing.[2]

He is later shown to be proficient in driving the train and, whilst he doesn't always agree with Melanie (and Bennett's) way of doing things, he advises them and goes along. When the hydraulic system fails causing a seizure on the brakes, Javi takes control of the train and warns Melanie that they won't make it over the bridge unless the hydraulics are fixed. He lowers the speed of the train in fear but is over joyous when Melanie is able to fix the system and the train can return to running speed.[3]

Revolution[edit | edit source]

When the order comes to lock down the engine, Javi correctly suspects that Miles betrayed them. Javi decides to surrender instead of following orders, causing Bennett to lock his friend out. Javi reveals to Grey and Ruth Wardell that the real Mr. Wilford is dead, having been abandoned to die by Melanie at boarding.[4]

Javi is later employed by Grey and the Folgers for their plan of using poison gas to end Andre Layton's revolution. Javi balks at the idea due to it threatening the lives of innocent people, especially if the gas gets into the ventilation system, but the three refuse to be deterred and Javi departs, supposedly to make preparations.

Later, as Melanie is to be executed, Javi reveals himself to be the executioner in disguise, much to her surprise and relief. Javi helps Melanie escape to the sub-train where Jinju Seong, whom Javi was working with, is waiting for her.[5]

A Surprise Arrival[edit | edit source]

After the revolution, Javi returns to work in the engine with Bennett and now Melanie full-time as she gives control of Snowpiercer over to Layton. Javi notes a strange signal coming from outside to the northwest that Bennett keeps brushing off. The signal proves to come from Big Alice, the supply train which is presumably under Mr. Wilford's control. As Melanie works to disable the uplink, Javi attempts to keep Mr. Wilford from taking control, but can only watch helplessly as Snowpiercer is brought to a full stop in the middle of Chicago.[6]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Though good at his job, Javi is often seen questioning Melanie's decisions. Javi implies that he feels he has no choice but to follow Melanie's orders as he is not sleeping with her unlike Bennett Knox, thus not affording him a level of protection.

When the revolution comes, Javi decides to surrender to Commander Nolan Grey and his forces, effectively defecting to their side and revealing the truth about how Melanie took the train. However, though he lends them his engineering expertise, their plan to flood the train with gas, sacrificing innocent people to end Andre Layton's rebellion, appears to be too much for him to bear as Javi aids Jinju Seong in rescuing Melanie from execution.

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  • He is one of the few original member to know Melanie's secret identity as Mr.Wilford.

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