Justice Never Boarded is the fifth episode of the first season of Snowpiercer. It is the fifth episode of the series overall.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Tensions between Third Class and First Class are boiling as Melanie stages the trial of the Snowpiercer killer. Third Class threatens a work stoppage, demanding representation on the jury, and Melanie makes a fateful decision about which side to favor.

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Layton is deteriorating quickly following his suspension within the drawers. He has began having vivid nightmares about Nikki Genet. Mrs. Audrey is seen crying over a photograph of Nikki, wherein she explains that things must change aboard Snowpiercer.

Roche is seen eating his dinner whilst being mocked by LJ, who questions him about his wife. When Roche tells LJ that anything she says in the cell is admissible in court, she remarks that she is innocent and therefore has nothing to hide. Lilah and Philip enter, followed by Melanie, who announces that LJ will stand trial for murder — Mr. Wilford will be following closely. Lilah tells Melanie that she is hindering their reputation in First by holding LJ; regardless, Melanie explains that she is just following train policy.

In the tail, Suzanne is rapidly deteriorating whilst being tended to by Josie. Josie is interrupted when she receives a message that she is wanted for another meeting uptrain with Astrid.

Meanwhile, Bess receives an access chip during the process of upgrading her from Third to Second class; Jinju is reminded that she is responsible for Bess’ conduct during her probationary period. The two sign the paperwork and Bess is welcomed to Second. The two later kiss and whilst Bess announces that she isn’t exactly certain about the upgrade, she is certain about her feelings towards Jinju.

The Folgers are discussing the tribunal whilst LJ plays video games nearby. Robert reassures Lilah that the tribunal are ticketed passengers and therefore know the Folgers — they will vote with them.LJ, however, is not sure and asks what her father thinks it is like in the drawers. LJ asks if she can play and despite Lilah’s reluctance, Robert allows her to take out his fake eye and play with it. Lilah becomes fed-up of LJ’s antics and demands she behave. Lilah tells LJ that she will tell the tribunal that Erik forced her, but LJ makes it clear that she wasn’t forced.

As dinner is wrapping up in First, another meal is brought to the table of a family from a Nightcar worker disguised as a waiter. When the meal is opened, it is revealed to be human waste; the man remarks that it is a gift from the Nightcar, and Ruth exclaims that Melanie be alerted at once. Melanie arrives at the Nightcar and questions Audrey about the stunt. Audrey remarks that Third have a right to challenge the tribunal and want a representative from Third to be a part of the decision. Melanie mocks the Nightcar’s stance as “Switzerland”, questioning why they are getting involved; nonetheless, Audrey demands that the tribunal be reselected and reveals that Third touches all aspects of the train and will be heard if Melanie doesn’t cooperate.

Melanie questions Henry about the investigation into the side effects of suspension on Nikki. Henry reveals that the side-effects are more than likely due to bringing the criminals out of suspension too quickly, and in the future, they should be brought out slower. Melanie re enforces the idea that with 400 drawers — and the possibility of 400 sleepers some day — they cannot afford to have any mistakes when people come around. Jinju questions Melanie about the tribunal, and she reveals that she is considering the idea.

At the front of the train, Bennett tells Melanie that a Thirdie on the tribunal will not be popular in First and Second. Javier exclaims the fact that the Folgers have a large influence within First and could cause a lot of issues should Melanie grant the request. With this, Melanie asks to speak with Bennett in private. The two retire to her room where they begin to make out before having sex. Afterwards, the two discuss life aboard Snowpiercer, with Bennett remarking that he misses the sound of rain.

Melanie announces that the petition from Third has been accepted and a new tribunal has been drawn up — one representative from each class. Edith Gusterfeld from First; Mary Elizabeth Gillies from Second; and Walter Flemming from Third.

During sanitation duties, Josie talks with Astrid, who reveals that Layton is not at the front of the train. Astrid reveals that she has secured Josie a meeting with Terence, the head Janitor, and that the two will swap places whilst she meets with him. Josie promises that she will be back before the next break, and Astrid directs her to the market.

In the Hospitality lounge, Melanie welcomes Walter Flemming, thanking him for his service. Edith and Mary begin talking with Walter immediately despite their class differences whilst Ruth watches in disgust from afar. Ruth expresses concern that the rules cannot just be changed at will, citing that it will upset the order aboard Snowpiercer.

As the delegates from the Nightcar are readied to go uptrain, Oz gives them a sarcastic talk about things unfamiliar to them that they may see: hygiene and self respect. Meanwhile, Lilah makes it clear to Robert that there is an idea about LJ travelling up train and those in First may well support it.

Layton continues to dream whilst in the drawers, and he reminisces about the times in which cannibalism existed within the Tail — a long thought myth created to scare children.

Josie arrives at the market as instructed by Astrid. She arrives to speak with Terence and tells him that the Tail believes he has been suspended in the drawers. Terence questions why he would be put into the drawer if he solved the murder and that maybe he annoyed Wilford. Terence reveals that they will take a trip to the drawers the same day given the security is small due to the trial.

Meanwhile in First, Robert and other members of First discuss the current events transpiring with Commander Grey. Robert suggests that matters surrounding jurisprudence and punishment would better be handled downtrain — Commander Grey becomes interested in the conversation when Robert suggests that Cavill be the first to go. Unbeknownst to Robert and the others, one of the members of the meeting is a Wilford Informant and relays the pending revolution to Melanie; she seems concerned that she is losing her grasp on Snowpiercer’s control.

Prior to the trial, Robert, Lilah and LJ embrace. As the trial commences — led by Ruth — the whole ordeal is broadcast through the announcement system. Roche explains the findings in LJ’s cabin, whilst the doctor explains that Sean Wise was alive when he was castrated by Erik and LJ. The audience is captivated when Audrey gives a speech about Nikki and the lives of Third.

Terence and Josie arrive at medical where Josie begins looking for a list to indicate which drawer Layton is in. Terence leaves after stealing the medication, however, advising Josie not to get caught.

As the trial returns from recess, Melanie warns Lilah about conspiring behind closed doors. Lilah returns the warning, however, remarking that she will do whatever it takes to protect her daughter no matter the cost. LJ takes the stand and explains that she loved Erik, but was manipulated by him. In a shocking turn, LJ announces to the entire train that Sean Wise was a Wilford Informant. She later remarks that if the train pardons her, she promises to do her bit for her. Ruth calls recess whilst the tribunal deliberate. In her office, Melanie and Jinju talk about LJ’s reveal. The two theorise that Sean found out the drawers were experimental and leaked the “list”. Melanie sends a message to the front of the train that causes quite some distress.

Meanwhile, Josie looks through the drawers for Layton, and is shocked to find numerous of the children have been suspended. Eventually, Josie finds Layton. After pulling out some of the wires from Layton’s drawer he begins to convulse uncontrollably. Oz and Bess notice that the door to medical has been forced and enter to investigate. They open the drawer containing Layton and find Josie inside. Oz freaks out and begins to beat her before he is incapacitated by Bess.

As the tribunal returns from the verdict, it is announced that LJ has been found guilty by unanimous decision. As the crowd cheers, Melanie looks startled. Bennett sends back the note and when it reaches Ruth, she announces that Mr Wilford has commuted LJ’s sentence due to her young age; the crowd begins to riot uncontrollably as Melanie exits.

Bess helps Josie take Layton to Zarah, and Josie begs Zarah to keep him hidden and safe. Zarah asks how Josie escaped the Tail, but Josie doesn’t answer, simply remarking that the Tail is trusting Zarah. Layton later begins experiencing similar side effects of Kronole withdrawal that Nikki did.

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I see now that as The Freeze killed everyone I ever knew, I mistook my ticket to survival for freedom. But justice never boarded, and Wilford doubled down with a Jackboot on our throats and a fat finger on the scales. Now some of us are ready to change his terms. It will be perilous, filthy work. More precious souls may be lost. But we didn't come this far, suffer this much to give in to the same tyranny that destroyed us in the first place. Even on a frozen, dead planet, humanity needs hope. For these are our revolutions on Snowpiercer. 1,001 cars long.
— Miss Audrey
I just want to thank Mr. Wilford for the chance to prove it.
— LJ to Melanie
Jinju Seong, as Surety for this Upgrade Applicant, you accept liability for her conduct during her probationary period, understood?
— The Notary to Jinju
On behalf of Wilford Industries, I hereby grant you, Bess Francis Till, access to Second Class and all the entitlements therein.
— The Notary to Bess
Bess: "Wow. Look at us. Made it three whole months before shacking up."
Jinju: "Personal best for me. You sure about all this?"
Bess: "Second Class and all the entitlements therein? No. But I was sure about you the day we met."
―  Bess and Jinju

Melanie: "That stunt was beneath you, Audrey."
Miss Audrey: "No, it really wasn't."
Melanie: "I'm sorry about Nikki. I am. But one suspect is dead, and the other is standing trial for murder. What am I missing?"
Miss Audrey: "You know the trial is a joke. It's five miles uptrain, where a jury of First and Second get to judge one of their own for killing three of us."
Melanie: "Us? The Nightcar is supposed to be Switzerland. Why are you politicizing it?"
Miss Audrey: "Third has the right to petition Wilford in labor disputes and matters of jurisprudence. We want a new tribunal drawn... one representative from each class and a delegation to observe the trial."
Melanie: "For Christ's sake, Audrey."
Miss Audrey: "You've grown callous doing Wilford's bidding. You used to try to make a difference, too."
Melanie: "And I stood right here when you shared your vision of the Nightcar. Wilford saw a brothel. And you saw a higher purpose."
Miss Audrey: "And you persuaded him I was right."
―  Melanie and Miss Audrey conversation about a new tribunal

Bennett: "We haven't done that since the bees died. I'm sensing a bit of a pattern."
Melanie: "God, I wish I could open a frigging window. You remember fresh air? Mm? You remember... going for walks?"
Bennett: "Rain. I miss the sound of rain."
Melanie: "I miss so many things."
Bennett: "Are you gonna do this? Draw a new tribunal?"
Melanie: "I just want to breathe."
―  Melanie and Bennett after hooking up

Attention, passengers. Mr. Wilford has accepted a Third Class petition to redraw the tribunal for today's trial. One name has been drawn randomly from each class. If your name is called, please report immediately to your Hospitality representative. From First Class, our jurist is Edith Gusterfeld. From Second Class, primary teacher Mary-Elizabeth Gillies. And representing Third Class... Papermaker Walter Flemming. Again, Edith Gusterfeld, Mary-Elizabeth Gillies, and Walter Flemming... Let's go! ...please report to Hospitality. Thank you.
— Melanie announcing the jurists from the classes
Ruth: "Doesn't Mr. Wilford understand that you can't just change the rules?"
Melanie: "I guess they're his rules to change. He chose the will of the people."
Ruth: "We don't have will. We have order."
―  Ruth to Melanie about changing the rules

Alright, dirtbags! We're on the march! Now, listen up! Listen! Right. Now, you're gonna see some things uptrain that are unfamiliar to you, things like hygiene and self-respect. You will hear people speaking in complete sentences. Now, don't punch them. Don't punch their belongings. Don't lick things. Am I making myself clear? Now, hands to yourself, eyes forward, and just remember who's carrying the batons, okay?
— Osweiller to the Thirdies
You don't see what's happening, do you? There's an idea traveling uptrain, Robert. It wants to live, this idea. It wants to set the train ablaze, and all it needs is a spark. All it needs is to wrap its thick fingers around your daughter's throat and choke her out for the working man.
— Lilah to Robert
The whole time, Erik's focus was Lilah Junior. I was as much her hostage as I was his. That was what they wanted, Erik and LJ, to kill us all in a nihilistic rage. But the Eternal Engine is still here.
— Jinju to the jurists
Her name was not "victim." Her name was Nicolette Genêt... Nikki. She sang off-key, and she was kind as a rule, but few of you care up here. To you, she's just some dead girl from downtrain. Well, you need to care about the lives of Third, because seven days a week, three shifts a day, we keep the bearings greased and the cold at bay. We draw straws to have children, and we die from preventible accidents and diseases you get treatment for. I haven't come to this place easily. When we left Chicago, we needed Mr. Wilford's iron order to survive, but almost 19 revolutions later... seven years, I know all of you, and I know we need to save our souls. Find your compassion. Send a message to this entire train that justice is not reserved for the rich. There can be justice for all, for Nikki. Her name was Nikki.
— Miss Aubrey to the jurists
Melanie: "Lilah. Whatever you're doing behind closed doors, don't."
Lilah: "Let me tell you a Folger family story. When LJ was 7, she put out Robert's eye. Lashed out with a fork and punctured it all over his face. And even as the jelly was running down his cheek, he held her through the tantrum, protecting her. So you go ahead with your Hospitality show trial and prepare to suffer the consequences. Because you're fucking with my bloodline."
―  Melanie confronts Lilah

I loved Erik Sotto. Or at least I think I did. The... The confusion, the ache in my guts, the fear, that is love, isn't it? Erik told me it was. Erik had a power over me, and I... He made me watch him do terrible things. And I-I can still hear those men begging for it to end. Uh, but Erik said fear makes people honest. I think that's true. Sean Wise, just before he died, said that he was an informant...a spy for Mr. Wilford. Sean said that shadows and lies were taking over our beautiful train from tip to Tail, from Ag-Sec to The Drawers. "400 secrets that rock us to the rails," he said, but he would never spill them. Can I say this part to Mr. Wilford? I am so sorry for the part that I played in this tragedy. I was silent when I should have spoken, but Sean Wise gave his life to save humanity from the darkness that almost swallowed me whole. If the train shows me mercy...I promise to do my part for her, too. That's all I can say.
— LJ
Walter the Papermaker: "By unanimous decision, we find Lilah Folger Junior...guilty on all counts."
Ruth: "Order, everyone! We have a message from Mr. Wilford. In light of the young age of the accused...Mr. Wilford commutes the sentence of Lilah Folger Junior and remands her to the custody of her parents."
―  LJ's verdict

Melanie: "Before I release you to your parents...Mr. Wilford has asked me to stress the importance of discretion."
LJ: "Oh. Oh, so don't spill all of his Drawer secrets?"
Melanie: "What did Sean Wise tell you exactly?"
LJ: "That's between me and Mr. Wilford, isn't it?"
Melanie: "He's taking an extraordinary risk in helping you."
LJ: "Third Class? I think they'll get over it."
Melanie: "I mean you, LJ. I mean letting you walk free."
LJ: "Wilford looked out for me, so... I'll look out for him."
―  Melanie talking to LJ before releasing her to her parents.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This episode shows that there is still a considerable amount of mutual respect and good will among the three numbered classes aboard Snowpiercer, at least on an individual basis, to the point that the jurors veredict is unanimous and openly so.
  • The episode title is a line by Miss Audrey.
  • Despite the fact that LJ is found guilty by the tribunal, Melanie Cavill commutes her sentence in order to silence her.
  • It is revealed that LJ is aware of the experimental phase of Snowpiercer's suspension.
  • Snowpiercer is travelling across the Amazon Forest during this episode.
  • The exchange between Miss Audrey and Melanie Cavill revealed Mr. Wilford wanted to make the Nightcar a brothel, but Audrey asked Cavll to make it a higher purpose.
  • Nightcar may have some purpose beyond the entertainment and release that it provides. It is not made entirely clear which that purpose would be, but it may have some form of diplomatic or political aspect.
  • Melanie and Bennett are confirmed to be in a intimate relationship.
  • Snowpiercer is formally called "Eternal Engine" at the trial, more than likely as a measure for keeping morale up. Previous episodes, particularly Prepare to Brace, make it very clear that the self-reliance of the train has limits and may in fact be collapsing already.
    • This is almost certainly a result of Melanie loosing her control over the train and the order she once held dear.
  • According to Miss Audrey, it has been seven years and almost 19 revolutions since she boarded in Chicago.
  • The Drawers are part of the Second Class cars.

Body Count[edit | edit source]

  • Leader of the Tail cannibals (killed by Andre Layton and heart consumed by the Tailies; flashback)

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