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Kronole is a street-drug sold aboard Snowpiercer on the black market. The drug is manufactured from the suspension drug used in medicine for those put to sleep in The Drawers.[1] The drug has numerous effects with the most notable being the ability to block pain receptors; according to Oz, Kronole is so powerful it blocks out all feelings, not just pain.


Little is known about the drug's history, other than Henry Klimpt exchanged samples of the suspension drug for medical supplies for the sleepers, vegetable balms to prevent bedsores.

Later, the janitors he sold the drug to would synthesize Kronole — for street use — from the drug. Sean Wise kept tabs on the black market. He was trying to find the source of the new drug wrecking havoc in Third. On the night he was killed, he and Erik Sotto met with Terence to score some Kronole. It eventually found it's way into the Tail.

These facts remained unknown for at least two revolutions until coming to light when Andre Layton and Bess Till remarked that Nikki Genêt's condition resonated with Kronole withdrawal.

Shortly after the revolution in the Tail, Suzanne's arm is frozen by Ruth and smashed to pieces. In an attempt to remedy his mother's pain, Suzanne's son Patterson exchanges oral sex with John Osweiller in exchange for some confiscated Kronole — Oz remarks that Kronole will do a much better job at numbing pain than painkillers will.[2]



  • In the film Snowpiercer, Kronole is a addictive, harmful drug and a potent explosive.