Miles is one of the main characters on TNT's Snowpiercer. He is portrayed by Jaylin Fletcher.

He is one of the few children in the tail end of the train. Whip smart and talented, he has the intelligence to potentially move up the train if he can get a coveted apprenticeship.

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Season 1[edit | edit source]

Miles was first seen in First, the Weather Changed when he was put onto Snowpiercer alongside his family. His mother hid him so that he could live. After the Tail formed, Josie Wellstead and the rest of the Tail raised him after Miles' family was slaughtered during the boarding.

In Prepare to Brace, Miles is selected for the apprenticeship he was after.

In Access Is Power, Andre Layton finds a bag of Miles' hair at the front of the train and becomes angry until Melanie Cavill simply explains that they gave Miles a haircut when he got his apprenticeship. Layton is allowed to see Miles and becomes emotional at how well the young boy is doing and the new life he is enjoying. Miles promises Layton that he's keeping an eye out and Layton later tells Josie about how well Miles is doing.

In Trouble Comes Sideways, Miles is in class when Melanie visits to get Boki's help in fixing the train. Melanie checks in on some equations she gave to Miles to complete which he states he prefers working on alone. After checking them, Melanie jokes that maybe Miles should be teaching her instead before leaving. Melanie later calls Miles into her office and gives him a caliper Mr. Wilford had given her, something that every engineer needs. Melanie tells Miles that there is something that Mr. Wilford needs from him.

In The Universe Is Indifferent, Miles is announced to be a new Engineer by Melanie Cavill during morning announcements replacing the man who died fixing the train the day before. He was later poisoned with a tangerine by Josie Wellstead for him to be updated on the rebellion and Miles promises to do his part when the time comes. After Josie's death, he was taken by Melanie to the Engine Room, apparently unaware that Josie was dead. Melanie assured him and herself that what they did as Engineers was for the greater good of the survival of the human race.

In These Are His Revolutions, at Layton's request, Miles signals LJ Folger by flashing the lights in the Folgers' quarters. Aware of the truth about Melanie, Miles shows LJ the engine and Melanie's quarters, revealing to a gleeful LJ that Melanie is pretending to be Wilford. Melanie later coaches Miles in driving the train as they approach Chicago where Snowpiercer's journey began. Miles notes that the train is going slower than the previous revolution and Melanie explains that its their duty to keep it going. Miles and Melanie discuss their lost families and Miles comments that he at least has his Tail mom Josie, unaware that she's dead. When First turns on Melanie and demands entry to the engine, Bennett locks himself and Miles in while Javi abandons them for Commander Grey and his men.

In The Train Demanded Blood, Bennett finds security footage of Miles letting LJ into the Engine and Melanie's quarters and angrily tells him off, threatening the boy and refusing to speak to him. However, Bennett eventually softens to Miles again and explains the difficulties in keeping Snowpiercer going, resulting in the cold and cramped conditions in the Tail. After Melanie makes contact with a plan to defeat the Folgers and Grey by detaching some of the cars, Bennett enlists Miles' help to man the controls with the two having to flip switches simultaniously. When Layton takes a long time flipping a safety switch, Miles realizes that something must be wrong. After Layton flips the switch in time, Bennett and Miles detach seven cars, sending the Folgers, aside from LJ, Grey, and the Jackboot army to their deaths along with imprisoned revolutionaries. Miles takes over driving the train as they prepare to recouple with the other cars and Bennett congratulates Miles for his work, addressing him as a fellow Engineer.

In 994 Cars Long, Miles is reunited with Layton in the aftermath of the revolution. Layton informs Miles of their losses and he tearfully realizes that Josie is dead. Layton comforts his young friend over their shared loss and reassures Miles that Josie would be proud of everything that he did.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Miles is extremely smart.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Josie Wellstead[edit | edit source]

Josie Wellstead is Miles' foster mother. She has raised him alongside the rest of the Tail.

Andre Layton[edit | edit source]

Andre Layton is the foster father of Miles.

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Season One

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • He solves personal math questions given to him by Melanie Cavill, who later recruits him as an engineer.[1]
  • He's one of the few people to know the truth about Melanie Cavill, having presumably learned the truth from either Layton or Melanie herself due to his work in the engine. In turn, Miles is the one who reveals the truth to LJ Folger.
  • Due to being one of the people to separate the cars, Miles is directly responsible for the deaths of 147 people.

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