Though we're leaving civilization far behind, we’ve brought the culture with us. Visit the Night Car for a one-of-a-kind interactive theater experience featuring a rotating troupe of award-winning singers, actors, musicians, dancers, and entertainers.
— Wilford Industries

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Season One

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Night Car’s original purpose, was to serve as a brothel for Mr. Wilford.
  • The Night Car has a Isolation Chamber, that Miss Audrey uses for therapeutic sessions with passengers. It was Miss Audrey’s vision to create the Isolation Chamber and shared the vision with Melanie Cavill.
  • The Night Car serves as neutral ground for all three classes.
  • The Night Car hosts a brutal event called Fight Night, where 3rd class passengers can move to 2nd class.
  • There appear to be 5 cars like and after the Night Car, including the Border Checkpoint Car.

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