They're not a prison. They're a lifeboat. We're hanging by our nails. Layton, we're hanging by our nails. The whole goddamn human experiment, it can be undone by a bloom of mold. Four hundred people. They were selected for diversity, for health, for skills. To give us a fighting chance on the other side.
Melanie Cavill

History[edit | edit source]

The Drawers were experimental technology even before Snowpiercer departed. As there would be no use for this kind of technology on a Luxury Liner, they must have been added to the train when it underwent the refit to become the Great Ark. The lead scientist of the project is Dr. Henry Klimpt.

It is revealed by Melanie Cavill that The Drawers should serve as humanity's lifeboat, it's last hope for survival. Each Drawers Car is equipped with three rows of eleven Drawers, making it a total of thirty-three Drawers by car. The twelve Drawers Car have been designed to save 396 pre-selected persons based on their genetic profile or aptitudes. They would be put into suspended animation if resource crash or other issues became inevitable.[1] Many individuals speculated about the purpose of The Drawers, ranging from extrajudicial imprisonment to medical experiments. After the revolution, everyone was freed from The Drawers.

Technology[edit | edit source]

Bag of suspension drug,

Little is known about how the technology of The Drawers works. All that is known is that its some kind of drug-induced suspended animation.[2] While presumably the "frozen" bodies age much slower, they still grow hair and nails. The suspension drug is a yellow liquid kept in plastic bags and is used in the creation of Kronole. Patients frozen in The Drawers require a lengthy "waking up" procedure before they fully recover. The longest occupant was Nikki Genêt who was frozen for over two years. Waking her up from the suspended animation proved difficult, as she suffered many side effects that appear similar to Kronole withdrawal effects. Jinju Seong also speculated that unfrozen patients may suffer locked-in-syndrome.

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  • Many fans speculated that Mr. Wilford would ultimately be in the Drawers.
  • Dr. Klimpt sold the suspension drug on the Black Market to acquire aftercare products for his sleepers.

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