The Train Demanded Blood is the ninth episode of the first season of Snowpiercer. It is the ninth episode of the series overall.

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The rebel forces are on the ropes when a dangerous foe defects to their side. They hatch a final plan to take control of Snowpiercer once and for all, but it comes at a grave moral cost, and just may destroy them all.

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Melanie is thrown into a makeshift prison with numerous rebels from the Tail and Third. Inside, she talks with a young gentleman who asks if she is the one Layton told them about, Melanie Cavill. She confirms the man’s suspicions and later asks if it is true that there is a lake up train. Melanie confirms again, remarking that it is beautiful. Meanwhile, she narrates that she believed she could end the myth of Wilford revolutions prior, but the train — and it’s order — demanded otherwise. During the conversation, Melanie is left startled when Jackboots arrive and take Walter away; he is killed moments later via frost inhalation.

In First, the Folgers, Nolan, and the remainder of First discuss Nolan’s approach to neutralizing the revolution. Nolan suggests gassing the rebels, however, Javi raises the fact that this could spread throughout the train and harm innocent civilians — Nolan, however, has no issue with this and suggests they proceed anyway. Ruth brings up the issue of Melanie, citing that her future should be publicly decided in a public dethroning ceremony. Whilst Ruth wants to follow official regulations for handing over power, Lilah is opposed, and remarks that the revolution should be stamped out before Snowpiercer falls apart.

In the Engine room, Bennett watches the CCTV footage which shows Miles granting LJ entry to the room earlier. Bennett explains that Miles has put them in an increasingly difficult situation that they may not be able to escape from, and orders that he sits still and doesn’t touch anything. Bennett meanwhile attempts to repair a hidden radio in hopes of contacting Melanie. He explains to Miles that it’s a comms backup and, if Melanie is out there, she will know to use it.

In Third, Pike and Layton meet again for the first time since Pike was suspended in the drawers. Pike asks to talk with Layton and, when he does, he reveals that Nolan plans to gas the whole train and does not care about the casualties. Layton is reluctant to believe him but has no choice when Pike reveals that he made a deal with Nolan in return for fresh food and clean clothes. If Layton accepts, the Tailies will return to the Tail but he will be executed; Pike gives him one hour to consider the deal put forth. Audrey, Bess, and Layton discuss the deal put forward, and the three of them agree that there will be no surrender. Audrey pleads with Layton to talk with Zarah as it may be his last chance, but Layton is visibly conflicted.

Nolan questions if the door to the Engine can be opened, but Javi reveals that Bennett is loyal to Melanie and will hold out for as long as possible. With this, Nolan remarks that Javi should try before he slaughters the lot of them; with this, Javi leaves down-train to override the door. Nolan enters Melanie’s room to find Ruth trashing the place, she is extremely annoyed at Melanie’s collection of Wilford’s tools, journals, and audio recordings.

Melanie pleads with Clifford, a Jackboot, to free her as she is brought into a separate room to be iced. He dismisses her, however, and straps her into the chair regardless. Melanie squirms in fear of death but is relieved to find Javi standing before her, who releases her from the chair moments later, citing that he will help her escape. He helps her into the subsystems and wishes her well. Below, she meets with Jinju who remarks that they should head up the train and rally the support they have left to help them. Melanie disagrees, citing that First is lost and that she needs to head down train. Melanie finds it difficult initially to evade the Jackboots and navigate the train undetected but resorts to moving throughout the train via the ventilation shafts.

Layton talks with Zarah, who questions what will become of their relationship and, more importantly, the train. Zarah expresses regret about the actions she took leading up to Josie’s death but expresses that she did what she had to do to keep “their” child-safe, a revelation that shocks Layton to his core. Layton leaves moments later bemused by the situation and conflicted in his response; it is clear the revelation changes Layton’s plans, and he removes the symbol of the rebellion (the scarf) from around his neck. When Till approaches, Layton tells her that it is over, much to Till’s dismay; Layton surrenders to Pike moments later.

Pike returns to First to alert Nolan, Ruth, and the Folgers that Layton accepts their deal. They are ecstatic, but there are questions surrounding whether the acceptance is a trap; Nolan assures Ruth that the gas is available should they need it. In continuation with her scheming, LJ attempts to convince Robert and Lilah to attend the assassination of Layton, remarking that they should not allow Ruth and Nolan to steal all of the appreciation.

In the Engine, Miles asks Bennett why the Tail is kept dark and cold given the Engine is eternal. Bennett explains that it is complicated and, despite being Eternal, the output of the Engine is limited and there is only so much heat and light to go around; Miles remarks that he understands perfectly well. Their conversation is interrupted by static over the comms line and although Bennett tries to get a message through it becomes clear that it is just interference.

Melanie exits the ventilation shafts into an agricultural cart to find she is surrounded by Layton’s people. She is taken to Third where she proposes that she help Layton take over the train. He is reluctant to believe her at first, but she explains that they can separate one of the cars containing the Jackboots, thereby wiping out their entire army in one move. Layton is reluctant to believe her, but Audrey and Till agree that they have no other option.

Enacting their plan, Melanie radios Bennett on the comms backup and asks how far they are from Fremont, as this is where they will separate the carriage. Melanie takes Layton to the safety release, but tells him that they will need someone on the other side to release the other safety. Layton tells her that he can do it, but will need more help. With this, Till returns to the Brakemen’s carriage much to Roche’s dismay, who is reluctant to believe Melanie has crossed over to the revolution’s side.

In First, Ms. Gillies meets with Martin Colvin, who asks if they’re still in agreement to proceed with the plans. Gillies assures him that they’re proceeding as planned in an effort to keep the Folgers out of power. Under the table, Martin hands Gillies a handgun and she leaves the table.

In Third, Melanie cuts out her access chip and hands it to Layton, citing that it will grant him access to the safety release and every door on the train. Layton assures her that if they survive the business between the two isn’t finished. They’re interrupted by Roche who questions if there is a possibility that the train won’t reconnect, Melanie questions this is possible, but not likely.

Roche takes Layton in as planned where he signs the declaration of surrender and is taken through to announce his surrender to the train. In the subsystem, Roche pulls a gun on Nolan and tells him to remove Layton’s cuffs, which he does. At that moment, Melanie releases the link between the front and rear of the train; the Folgers immediately realize that Third is not the target, they are. In the subsystem, a fight between Layton, Nolan, Roche, and the Jackboots ensues. Layton is able to gain the upper hand when numerous Tailies from medical arrive. Layton arrives at the link release but is unable to pull it when he notices numerous hostages in the cart to his right. Bennett and Miles sit anxiously in the Engine as Layton tries to help those captives before pulling the release. Layton apologizes to the others as he is unable to find the keys to the cuffs, and is forced to pull the safety release and cast the Tailies into the Freeze.

Lilah, Robert, and the Jackboots panic as they watch the two halves of the train reattach without them. When the halves join together, Bennett and Miles are ecstatic, but the same is not said for Layton, who rebukes Melanie for not telling him that he would have to cut off the prisoners. She remarks that they must live with the choices they make but the train is his.

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I thought I could let him go. Over time. With miles traveled. I thought I could strip Wilford away. Shed his rules one by one. And finally... his mask. Until he was just a logo on a wall. (...) I thought I could create a kinder gentler, world. But the train demanded otherwise. The train demanded blood. I fed her. And now they will. Until we reach our final destination. Everyone the same in pain and doubt. Holding our losses close... on Snowpiercer. 1,001 cars long.
— Melanie's inner monologue

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This episode has conflicting titles some regions have the title The Train Demanded Blood while others have the title Old Ways, Old Wars.
  • Snowpiercer is revealed to have an execution method called the Lung of Ice where prisoners are forced to breathe in outside air, freezing their faces and lungs.
  • As revealed in 994 Cars Long, 147 people died aboard the section of the train that was detached.

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