A ride above the rest. Ride the luxury Rails - Wilford Industries Global Express
— Wilford Industries

Wilford Industries is a large organization responsible for designing, building, and maintaining Snowpiercer. Under the guise of the mythical "Mr. Wilford", the company is run by Melanie Cavill[1].

There are only a limited number of people aware of the company's leadership, and each plays a vital part in keeping order aboard the train.

History[edit | edit source]

Little is known about the inception of the company, other than prior to the freeze, Melanie Cavill was contracted by Mr. Wilford to design a Luxury Liner. This Liner was operational for at least 1 year[2] before the Freeze and would cruise a 318,000km long track, stretched across the globe. Many major cities were included in this railway track, including Moscow, Berlin, Paris, Jerusalem, Bangkok, Singapore, Sydney, Bejing, Anchorage, and Panama City.[1]

Wilford Industries' compound in Chicago.

Eventually, Mr. Wilford realized that climate change is unavoidable, through the CW-7 chemical agent, and he undertook steps to refit his Luxury Liner into an Ark. The company first developed and constructed a Prototype Engine nicknamed Big Alice, Melanie Cavill then built a Engine that used Perpetual Motion Technology. Wilford Industries Global Express became Snowpiercer, while Mr. Wilford sold tickets to finance this refit. Ultimately, his goal was not to save humanity but to live his lavish life as long as he could and was eventually taken out of the equation by Melanie Cavill.

It is currently unknown if the suspended animation technology used by The Drawers was developed by Wilford Industries, or if it was already commercially available technology.

Trains[edit | edit source]

  • Snowpiercer - Luxury liner turned Ark that circles the globe.
  • Big Alice - Prototype Engine. Later designed as a supply train.

Employees[edit | edit source]

Current Employees[edit | edit source]

Former Employees[edit | edit source]

  • Peter DiMarco - Electrical Engineer (Deceased)
  • Commander Grey - Commander of Jackboots (Deceased)
  • Nikki Genêt - Nightcar Worker (Deceased)
  • 4 Unnamed Cattle Car Workers (Deceased)
  • Sean Wise - Agriculture/Informant (Deceased)

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Wilford Industries is the company behind Wilford Industries Global Express. A luxury ride around the world on board a luxury liner train
  • The company presumably had major facilities near Chicago, as both Snowpiercer and Big Alice were located there.
  • Unlike in the film Snowpiercer, the train owned by Wilford Industries is run by Melanie Cavill pretending to be Mr. Wilford.
  • Passengers sometimes greet each other by hand movement over their chest in the shape of "W".

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