Without Their Maker is the fourth episode of the first season of Snowpiercer. It is the fourth episode of the series overall.

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A shocking twist in the murder investigation brings Layton and Till’s manhunt to a cat-and-mouse climax. But Layton is getting too close to Melanie’s big secret, which may prove the most dangerous game of all.

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Jinju explains the history of Snowpiercer, including how she believes the chance of surviving is slim but, as a scientist, all she can do is offer small slithers of hope.

Meanwhile, Bennett talks with Melanie. He expresses his concern about her taking the murder investigation upon herself. He reassures her that he is there for her if need be. Layton is jolted awake by Roche, who exclaims that he is needed. Bennett asks if Melanie has thought of a workaround for the methane shortage, and she explains that she has. Their conversation is interrupted, however, when Melanie receives a call from Roche informing her that Nikki is dead. In response, she relays the information to Jinju, who is in bed with Bess Till.

Nikki is found dead with a slit throat.

Melanie approaches the medical carriage to find Klimpt crying. She apologises to Klimpt, citing that she is aware that Klimpt cared greatly for Nikki. Nevertheless, she is going to give Klimpt a chance to make things right: conduct a post-mortem on Nikki without anyone knowing that she is dead. Melanie enters the room to find that Nikki’s throat has been cut; this angers Layton, who remarks that he gave her a description of their killer during Fight Night, but Melanie failed to act. Till questions how the killer gained entry to medical, given the border is closed — the killer must be from First, and is therefore still in Third given the border is closed.

In the dinner hall, Erik asks one of the workers if he knows how long the border will be closed, he reveals that they could keep the border closed all night if they have to. Erik reveals that he is trying to get back to Second, however this is a lie, and Erik leaves behind coins from First.

Commander Grey and his team discuss the best course of action.

Roche tells Commander Grey to send a sweep team to First, and Grey agrees, but lashes out when Layton suggests that he scope out First. Melanie orders that all passengers from First who were at the fight are woken. Whilst Till leaves with Oz — much to her dismay that he has not been suspended — Layton talks with Audrey, who is sure that Third will be angry that another of their passengers has been murdered. Layton questions if Melanie has ever had a session, and Audrey reveals that she has not. The two are interrupted by Melanie, who reveals that they’re waking First. Layton expresses concern that management won’t want the murder solved now that the suspect is from First.

In the Tail, Josie and the others examine the access chip, and they formulate a plan to slip out of sanitation crew. Josie suggests that they make contact with Astrid, and set up a communication line with Layton. John volunteers, but Josie takes the chip, citing that they don’t notice women from the Tail up train — she can blend in. When the call for sanitation comes, Josie joins the crew and is showered before her duties begin.

Melanie pretends she is on the phone to Mr. Wilford

Melanie and Layton talk in First, with Melanie expressing that she knows “a thing or two” about class, given she came from nothing. She tells Layton that the people of First will do anything to protect one of their own, so Layton needs to be their worst nightmare and let her do the rest. Confronting First, Layton receives negative comments from the passengers, citing that nobody from First has ever been charged with a crime. Layton questions Ruth on why the bodyguards are not present, and LJ announces that Erik didn’t return that night; Melanie tells Ruth to alert Roche that Erik is a suspect. Lilah is furious when Layton asks to see Erik’s chambers, and demands to speak with Mr. Wilford. In response, Melanie calls Bennett and pretends she is speaking with Wilford. She passes the phone, but Lilah is unwilling to take it, and allows Layton into Erik’s chambers.

Josie and the others are left alone in sanitation, where they change clothes before Josie uses the access chip to leave. She passes a maid on the way, however the maid does not question her.

Layton tosses Erik’s chambers, finding a “J Hook”, LJ reveals that she has seen it before, and Ruth explains that the train used to keep bees. Melanie sends Till to check the crate in which the hives are being held.

Josie manages to talk with Astrid, and asks for information about Layton. She further asks if Astrid can make contact with him and, despite her reservations about being caught, she agrees to help the Tail. Josie enjoys a proper meal for one of the first times in a while. Josie arrives back at sanitation just in time as the guards knock.

In First, Lisa and her Robert fear that Erik being the killer could reflect badly on them, with First possibly thinking they’ve harboured a killer. Meanwhile, Layton questions LJ about Erik, and about how he saved her before they boarded the train. She tries to distract the conversation by talking about the sun, and raises the curtains so that Layton can see it for the first time in seven years. Melanie prods LJ to answer, and Layton questions if Erik ever asked her to keep secrets; she refuses to speak about it, however, much to Melanie’s dismay. Angry that she is unwilling to cooperate, Melanie asks Lilah if they can talk.

Erik's cat

Back in First, LJ and Layton talk about Erik and the things he brought aboard Snowpiercer: records and a cat he saved. She plays one of the records, and Layton draws similarities between the fact that Nikki Genet also liked the record. Layton asks LJ if she ever saw Erik using the J Hook, but she doesn’t respond. In the other room, Melanie questions if Erik ever hurt LJ, and Lilah remarks that he practically raised her and wouldn’t do anything like that. Nevertheless, Robert remarks that “it’s going to come out”, and reveals that Erik and LJ are “close” — insinuating that the two are in a relationship.

Layton figures out that Erik must’ve held Sean Wise down whilst LJ castrated him herself. LJ is the true mastermind behind the murders while Erik was only the muscle. With this, LJ tries to bargain with Layton with blue prints of Snowpiercer.

Erik is axed to death

Bess and Oz look for the container and when they find it, they watch as Erik escapes through the hatch. He escapes to a different carriage in which he threatens Jinju and her father. Roche and Commander Grey arrive which prompts Erik to take Jinju as a hostage in the sub-train. Jinju pleads with Erik to talk with her, however he is reluctant and holds her at gunpoint. In an attempt to escape, Erik shoots an electricity box but is injured in the process, allowing Commander Grey and his men to stab Erik to death. Roche passes the news up to Melanie, and she in turns reveals this to LJ. LJ pretends she is hysterical, but nods to Layton as confirmation of their deal. Layton betrays LJ, however, and when a security guard is brought in, Layton explains that LJ is a murderer and orchestrated the killings. An enraged LJ attacks Layton, but she is subdued and arrested.

Melanie makes an announcement that the killer is dead, and a second suspect is in custody. Melanie assures the train that justice will prevail. Layton questions if Melanie is in charge of dispensing Mr. Wilford’s justice too, a clear indication that he is aware she is Mr. Wilford. The two share a drink, and it quickly becomes clear that Layton has been drugged. Melanie reveals that she cannot let him go back to the tail given he has seen too much, and Layton announces that “a myth is a powerful thing”. Following this, she has Layton suspended in the drawers, but orders that he is not harmed while the Tailies receive a hidden message from Astrid that "Layton is missing."

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Adapt. That's what humans do, isn't it? Our great leg up. We roll. We hack. Knuckle down and change. Even Snowpiercer is an adaptation. That was classic Wilford. While the world froze and the other mega-rich tried to hole up in bunkers or upload their consciousness, Mr. Wilford dusted off his train set. Snowpiercer is His system. Systems resist change, even without their maker. I'm just a scientist. I'm here to save the world, not change it. I know our chances of surviving are slim at best. All I can do about that is provide small moments of happiness on Snowpiercer, 1,001 cars long.
— Jinju
Bess: "I'm not afraid to be seen together."
Jinju: "You just don't want to walk to work with me in the morning?"
Bess: "Jinju, there's enough track talk about me as it is."
Jinju: "[CHUCKLES] Hey, you got to step up for this, babe."
Bess: "Isn't that what I just did?"
Jinju: "Oh, you did, huh?"
Bess: "And I will. I just... Give me a minute. Thirdies are weird about dating uptrain."
Jinju: "What's the difference whether it's uptrain or downtrain?"
Bess: "You're from Second. You have the privilege of seeing it that way."
Junju: "[ SCOFFS ] Okay, baby, I know you're not enticed by all this 'cause you're from Detroit."
―  Jinju and Bess in bed

Layton, I was born on a dirt farm in eastern Pennsylvania. I came from nothing. I know a thing or two about class. That anger that you feel when you look at all of this? It's justified. Let's use it. Whoever the killer is, First is going to protect their own, so you be their worst nightmare from the Tail. I'll do the rest.
— Melanie to Layton
How many arms did you take in the Tail? 14, if anyone's counting.
— Layton to Ruth
Lilah: "On behalf of everyone here, I demand to speak to Mr. Wilford. It's time, Melanie."
Bennett: "[TELEPHONE RINGS] This is Bennett."
Melanie: "I'm sorry. I need you to put me through to him. It's urgent."
Bennett: "Oh, hey, are we doing this again?"
Melanie: "Thank you. I'll wait."
Bennett: "Anything to put a smile on your face."
Melanie: "Mr. Wilford. Good news first. We may have identified the killer."
Bennett: "Is that for real? Or is that part of the act?"
Melanie: "Yeah, a bodyguard from First. But the family's reluctant to let your Detective in to investigate, and they would like a word."
Bennett: "Well, that would piss me right off. Huff, huff, huff."
―  Melanie calls Mr. Wilford for Lilah Folger

Layton: "Erik was a dog who did what he was told. And Lilah Junior told him to torture and kill two third class men."
Lilah: "What?"
Layton: "Your daughter's a murderer."
―  Layton reveals the truth

Attention all passengers. On behalf of Mr. Wilford, I share this news... the murderer who hid among us is dead, and a second suspect is in custody. Thanks to a successful investigation, order has been restored, and Mr. Wilford assures you justice will prevail. From all of us at Wilford Industries, thank you.
— Melanie
Melanie: "You figured it out, Layton. I know you did."
Layton: "A myth's a powerful thing."
Melanie: "Pray you never know the weight of it. I'm sorry, Layton."
―  Melanie and Layton discuss her true identity

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The message from Astrid in the capsule is a reference to the messages Curtis got from Wilford in the film.
  • This episode was watched by 1.192 million viewers.
    • 280,000 were within the 18-49 demographic.

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